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For your next EP, Album, live video projects, in public or in the studio.

I record you and your band at the location of your choice thanks to my mobile rig; no geographical limit.


In the Lyon area, I can have access on request to studios that can host our session.

I like to work with no pre-conceived idea, without a "ready-made" recipe. I love to leave room for experimentation in the studio, to stimulate the creativity of everyone and to trust everyone's ears in order to achieve the must unique and sincere result.


On your request, I support you in making production decisions in order to go as far as possible towards the materialization of your vision.

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Shaping your source material.

Audio restoration, time-adjustments for drums and other instruments, pitch correction, general edits : I do what is necessary to enhance and get your tracks ready for expressing the most of their potential at the mixing stage, whether they have been recorded by myself or not!

Successful edits are edits that should not be heard! I always strive to reach this goal in a way that is consistent with the targeted aesthetics.



Organic, electric, modern, vintage, minimalist, epic, clean, distorted ...

Regardless of the targeted aesthetics, I mix your tracks with the aim of helping you telling your story the best possible way ; and giving to your music the bespoke sound it deserves.

I give to your project the same amount of attention whether your tracks have been recorded by myself or not. In an "online-mixing" context, I give a lot of importance to communication - especially at the start of the project so that we can define together the right direction for your music.

At the end of the project, I propose a flexible revision process such that we make sure every detail suits you. On request, I can recommend mastering engineers and follow up until the final master.

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Let's present your mixes in the best possible way!

I make masters targeting :

  • Digital diffusion - for download platforms (Bandcamp) and/or streaming platforms  (Youtube, Spotify, etc.),

  • Vinyl,

  • CD (including DDP images incorporating your meta-data).

On request, I can master your tracks based on stems  (stem-mastering).

I strive to bring the final touch to son you have spent so many hours working on. For this, I apply a fresh, critical ear to your project. On request, I can give you feedback before starting the mastering process.

Depending on my schedule, I do my best to find the time to do free test-masters. Do not hesitate to get in touch and inquire about availabilities!

I offer degressive rates ; well suited for all project sizes.

Let's get in touch to discuss your project!